clorofiLOGElectronic Chlorophyll Content Meter

The clorofiLOG is a device that allows you to identify the situation of the crops in a simple and direct way. Chlorophyll content is proportional to key nutrients, such as nitrogen. Using cloroflOG it is possible to identify and correct deficiencies quickly and directly in the field..


Agility in decision making

during the development of crops

Fast and non-destructive measurement

Possibility of fertilizer economy

Simple and easy to use

Correlation with values ​​measured in the laboratory

Measurements displayed instantly

Memory for storing data for analysis

Used by more than 50 universities and research institutions

With published results for various cultures


PowerfullDiagnostic tool

The measurement of the chlorophyll content is made with the living plant without damaging it and quickly. clorofiLOG allows monitoring the nutritional status of the plant during its development, not only between one crop and another.

The chlorophyll content in the leaves of the plant is proportional to the amount of nitrogen it has absorbed. Thus, with clorofiLOG it is possible to know areas of cultivation that are deficient in nitrogen and to correct fertilization. Or, you can know where the nitrogen levels are already satisfactory and avoid unnecessary waste of fertilizer.

Understand how works the Technology

With unique technology, clorofiLOG uses 3 waveleghts of light, allowing detailed analysis and accurate and fast measurements. These measurements can be instantly visualized or stored for computer analysis. The optical measurement analyzes the absorption of light by the leaf, indicating the presence of chlorophyll.

Fertilization to perfection Protecting the enviornment

Much of the pollution generated by agriculture is felt by the high levels of nitrates in rivers. So it is important to make rational use of fertilizers, avoiding waste that is not used by plants and end up polluting the soil and rivers. With clorofiLOG the producer can dispense the correct amount of fertilizers in agriculture and help reduce this type of contamination in the water, preserving the environment.

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