HidroFarmElectronic soil moisture meter

HidroFarm allows the measurement of soil moisture without the need for sample extraction for analysis, providing ease and agility.


Intelligent sensor with internal processor

Volumetric moisture measurement

Digital communication between sensor and meter

20 cm sensor

Non-porous, made of plastic materials

With extender it can remain installed beneath the floor surface

One meter can be used with multiple sensors



HidroFarm measures the impedance of the soil at high frequency, emitting electromagnetic waves and analyzing the response of the soil.

  • Accuracy with factory calibration: ± 3%*
  • Resolution: 0,1%
  • Measurement range: 0 a 60%
  • With specific calibration after installation, accuracy can be improved
  • Power: 2 AA batteries
* Factors such as soil salinity, texture and pH may interfere with this value. Recommended post-installation calibration.

Discover theTwo models

There are two models of HidroFarm meters using the same sensors.

The basic model is the HFM2010.

The HFM2030 is the model with expanded memory and the possibility to communicate with a PC.

See the differences between the models in the table.

HFM2010 HFM2030
Memory 30 measurements 4000 measurements
PC Connection No USB
PC Software No Yes

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Use HidroFarm for the measurement of soil moisture