Accurate data for assertive decision making

With the precise results of where, how much and to what depth the soil compaction occurs, the corrective actions to the problem will be as necessary. Rational management based on accurate data is an essential step for professional management in the field.

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Instant results

Precise digital equipment

Georeferenced measurements

Integrated GPS records the exact location of the measurement

Diagnosis of the compacted layer

Identication of the depth of the compacted layer with results for every centimeter of the analyzed prole up to 60 cm

Compaction Intensity


Allows measurement at any stage of crop development

Rechargeable battery

Integrated GPS

Georeferenced measurements


Saves to Flash drive


Modern and robust, with protected connectors


Communication with App

Sealed Ultrasonic Sensor

Protected against dust

Graphic Display

Ease of reading

Falker Compact

penetroLOG has a specic Web Application and an App for viewing and analyzing the collected data.

With an online system, data is saved in the cloud and automatically synchronizes between Web and App. You can access information from anywhere for analysis or sharing. It also allows the generation of reports of measurements for presentation.

Falker Compact App
penetroLOG interface

Simple to use interface

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Simple operation. Instant results.

Step 1: after starting the measurement, position penetroLOG on the reflective base

Step 2: follow the onscreen instructions

Step 3: audible and visual signals warn about speed and depth in real time

Step 4: when reaching the selected depth, penetroLOG will indicate the end of the measurement

Step 5: data available on the App and on the web

Uso penetroLOG
Uso penetroLOG
Uso penetroLOG
Uso penetroLOG

Know where soil compaction is located

do not leave the problem hidden

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Use penetroLOG for information on soil compaction

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Falker specializes in measuring soil compaction. We have years of experience in the subject and a complete product line.