penetroLOGElectronic Soil Compaction Meter

penetroLOG - Electronic Soil Compaction Meter - is an indispensable equipment for the agronomist and producer who want to identify areas with compaction and avoid losses of productivity in agriculture.


Measurement up to 60 cm

Software for data analysis

Simple and easy to use

Memory for storing data for analysis

Know where soil compaction is

do not leave the problem hidden


Easy to use tool

All operations performed through the interface on the front panel. Measurements can be stored for analysis on the computer or for instant viewing.

Know the profile of soil compaction

When measuring the penetration resistance of the metal cone in the soil, the penetroLOG indicates, at different depths, the pressure value corresponding to that layer of soil compaction. All these values ​​form the soil compaction profile.


Includes easy-to-use software

PenetroLOG comes with an easy-to-use software that allows the visualization and analysis of data stored on a computer. You can also print custom reports and export data and graphics for use in other programs.

Evaluate compaction zones

With the use of a connection with a GPS it is possible to store the coordinates where the measurements were made. This data can be exported to specialized software for mapping, such as FalkerMap (not included) showing the compaction zones


Know some potential BENEFITS

Research and analysis of the points of interest in the field, obtaining data on the physical condition of the soil at these chosen points.

Use in various applications such as land preparation for reforestation, livestock management and agriculture in crop and livestock integration, implementation and maintenance of orchards and coffee plantations; control of compaction in tobacco fields.

Greater knowledge about the crop, helping those who want to increase in productivity.

Economic benefits by reducing subsoiling, determining areas where the procedure is not necessary and avoiding unnecessary fuel costs.

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